Advocate for children and young adults with disabilities


Christine Staple Ebanks

Christine Staple Ebanks is a distinguished author, dynamic speaker, and unwavering advocate for children and young adults with disabilities. Her remarkable journey into the world of disability advocacy began in 2005 when her son Nathan was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. The challenges she and her family encountered in accessing support and essential services for her son ignited a deep-seated passion within her to lend a voice and shine a light on the issues faced by children with disabilities and families. Her dedication extends to collaborating with families, caregivers, and communities to make the inclusion of children with disabilities in all aspects of life more meaningful.

raising a child with cerebral palsy

Christine’s unique perspective on raising a child with cerebral palsy spans two vastly different environments: Jamaica, where resources for children with disabilities are limited, and in the United States, where parents must navigate complex systems to secure the best possible support for their children. Her dual experiences have cultivated a deep commitment to fostering inclusive environments and building robust support systems for special needs children.

At the forefront of her advocacy efforts stand two organizations she founded, the Nathan Ebanks Foundation (NEF) and Raising Special Needs Inc. (RSN). For more than a decade, her work has provided invaluable resources and support to families while advocating for policy changes that enhance the lives of special needs children. Her dedication extends to the professional sphere, where she actively works to build the capacity of teachers and other professionals to impact the lives of children with special needs positively.

Christine shares her insights and expertise with a wide audience through her contributions to publications like Human Services Today, a publication of the National Organization for Human Services Professionals, and Accessibility Journeys magazine, a 6146 Deleted: Magazine consumer publication that showcases accessible travel possibilities and best practices. In addition to her writing, Christine actively participates in various boards and committees where her voice plays a significant role in shaping policies and practices to enhance the inclusion of children with disabilities and the support of their families. She is a former member of the National Disability Advisory Board in Jamaica and an active member of her local Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC) Group in New Jersey, USA.

Outside her professional commitments, Christine treasures her personal interests. She is passionate about spending quality time with her family, nurturing her faith, reading, and taking long walks in nature. Her guiding philosophy is encapsulated in the words of Desmond Green, “While we may not be responsible for the state in which we find the world, we cannot deny our responsibility for how we leave it to those who follow in our footsteps” (Visions of Jamaica, 2010). Christine exemplifies this ethos through her unwavering dedication to improving the quality of life for her son and countless others with disabilities and leaving a lasting legacy of inclusivity and support for future generations.


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