My Experience

Advocate for children and young adults with disabilities

my journey as an author

At the core of my journey as an author lies a profound source of inspiration: the extraordinary path of my children, particularly my son Nathan Kingsley Ebanks. Nathan’s entrance into this world began with slim odds of survival while still in utero. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, on May 4, 2004, he confronted and triumphed over challenge after challenge from his earliest moments. From battling Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia and enduring critical surgery just days after birth to facing the struggle for life post-surgery, Nathan’s resilience was evident. But as fate would have it, another obstacle arose—severe jaundice, casting irreversible shadows over his developing mind. Despite this, he persevered, later diagnosed with cerebral palsy at nine months old.

The struggle was undeniably real

Living in Jamaica with scarce resources, no disability policy, and virtually no state support, my husband Robert and I were left to navigate the journey alone. Yet, it was the love for our son, the bonds of family, and our unwavering faith that buoyed us through the darkest of days. Love fueled our determination not to give up on our child, while faith whispered promises of better days ahead. Together, we grew stronger, individually, and collectively.

The revelation that we were not alone—that there were millions of children with disabilities worldwide, thousands in Jamaica—ignited a fire within me. In a country where parental advocacy was uncommon, I stepped forward, raising my voice. This garnered media attention and led to the hosting of workshops for parents, ultimately birthing the Nathan Ebanks Foundation in 2007. Our mission was clear: to bridge gaps, inform, educate, build capacities, and advocate for the holistic development, health, well-being, and inclusion of all children and adolescents with disabilities.

My debut book, “Raising Nathan: Every Life Has a Story,” published in 2015, was born from a deep desire to empower families walking a similar path. I willingly exchanged my corporate career for the chance to champion their cause. From humble beginnings around a dining room table, the foundation emerged as a beacon of hope, tirelessly advocating for inclusivity and accessibility within Jamaica and beyond.

Since then, I have published seven books in the nonfiction adult/family/Parenting and children’s genres. My books are not just words on paper (or tablet) —they are lived experiences chronicling our journey with authenticity. They shine spotlight on the daunting everyday challenges such as financial constraints, emotional turmoil, and bureaucratic hurdles, that we as parents and families face. But they also celebrate the blessings—faith, family, love, resilience, creativity, innovativeness, and the unwavering support of allies spanning continents—that have enabled Nathan and our family to thrive against all odds. I like to think that my books, writing, and speaking, and my organizations, which now includes Raising Special Needs Inc., give voice and power to the challenges of children with disabilities and their families.

As an author, I draw comfort and meaning from the stories of my own family and the many others I’ve had the privilege to know. My goal is simple: to write words that not only touch hearts and minds but also inspire action. What drives me is a deep sense of purpose, rooted in my faith—a belief that every person, regardless of their abilities, is valued and cherished in the eyes of God. From this belief springs my conviction that every child and every person have a story worth sharing, and every voice deserves to be heard. I believe passionately that every family and child deserve the support they need to thrive and grow.