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Author, Speaker, Parent-Professional Advocate

Christine Staple Ebanks is an accomplished author, parent-professional advocate, and speaker with over fifteen years of experience advocating for the rights of children with disabilities and their families. Christine entered the parent advocacy field driven by the birth and diagnosis of her fourth child, Nathan, with Cerebral palsy. Facing the grim prognosis that he might not survive infancy and receiving minimal support post-diagnosis, Christine sought help in the United States. It was there that Nathan, at 2 ½ years old, underwent his first comprehensive evaluation and she received training and an intervention and home management plan.

What’s more, this experience gifted them with hope: the possibility that with the right therapy and intervention supports, Nathan could be supported to develop to his fullest potential. In 2007, Christine took action, founding the Nathan Ebanks Foundation. Its purpose? To give voice and representation to the issues children with disabilities and their families were facing, and to advocate for them to be included in community and national development planning in Jamaica. For over fifteen years, she has been designing training programs for parents and professionals to support children with disabilities in various settings, including home, school, and the community.

“In 2020, following her family’s relocation to the United States, she established Raising Special Needs Inc. (USA) and expanded her initiatives to encompass several other countries, including the United States, Dominica and the broader Caribbean. Through these organizations, alongside her writing and speaking engagements, Christine has significantly amplified the voices of children with disabilities and their families on local, national, and regional levels, profoundly impacting countless lives. Her dedication to advocating for inclusive environments and robust support systems for children with special needs has been recognized through numerous accolades and awards.

She has been honored with the March 2024 International Impact Book Award in the category Biography, Caregiving, Parenting: Caregiving for Individuals with Disabilities. She is also the recipient of several Trailblazer’s Awards, including recognition from her high school alma mater for her pioneering work as the Founder of the Nathan Ebanks Foundation and the first Jamaican parent of a child with disabilities to initiate, sustain, and fund a parent-directed education program, she has enriched and transformed the lives of children with disabilities and special needs from grassroots advocacy to policy implementation in Jamaica. Additionally, she was awarded a Trailblazer accolade by WHEREITZAT Magazine and the Caribbean American Leadership Foundation Inc. (New York) for her innovative contributions as a Business Innovator & Game-Changer (B.I.G) (June 2017).

Her dedication to the well-being of children with special needs stems from her journey of raising a child with cerebral palsy in two distinctly contrasting worlds: Jamaica, where resources are scarce, and the United States, with its intricate support systems. These environments have vividly illustrated that effectively supporting a loved one with disabilities demands faith, patience, grit, know-how, and unwavering determination, regardless of one’s country or community.

Christine shares her insights and expertise with a wide audience through her contributions to publications such as Human Services Today, published by the National Organization for Human Services Professionals, and Accessibility Journeys magazine, which showcases accessible travel possibilities and best practices. Beyond her writing, Christine actively participates in various boards and committees, where her voice significantly influences policies and practices aimed at enhancing the inclusion of children with disabilities and supporting their families. She has served as a member of the National Disability Advisory Board in Jamaica and is currently an active member of her local Special Education Parent Advisory Committee (SEPAC) Group in New Jersey. 

She holds a range of professional qualifications, including a diploma in education, a bachelor’s degree in management, and a master’s degree in human services. Additionally, she has completed more than three thousand hours of professional development in disability systems, supports, disability awareness, person-centered planning, communication and language training, independent living skills training, social skills and community inclusion, parent support and coaching, program design and development, monitoring and evaluation.

Outside of her professional commitments, Christine treasures her interests. She is passionate about spending quality time with her family, nurturing her faith, reading, and taking long walks in nature. Her guiding philosophy is encapsulated in the words of Desmond Green, “While we may not be responsible for the state in which we find the world, we cannot deny our responsibility for how we leave it to those who follow in our footsteps” (Visions of Jamaica, 2010). Christine exemplifies this ethos through her unwavering dedication to improving the quality of life for her son and countless others with disabilities, leaving a lasting legacy of inclusivity and support for future generations.

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