Christine Staple Ebanks New Book Release and 2024 International Impact Book Award

I am thrilled to announce the release of my latest  book, ‘Raising Nathan Against All Odds:  

Discovering the Blessings, Joy, and Purpose in Raising a Child with  Disabilities.’ This book, which recently received the prestigious March 2024  International Impact Book Award, offers a unique and deeply personal  perspective on the challenges and triumphs of raising a child with disabilities.  It is now conveniently available on major platforms such as Amazon, Barnes &  Noble, and Ingram worldwide. 

Reflecting on the past nineteen years since my son’s diagnosis, I am humbled  by the journey we’ve traveled. The initial shock and uncertainty felt  overwhelming, shrouding our lives in fear and doubt. However, what initially  seemed like an insurmountable setback revealed itself to be a divine setup for  a remarkable comeback. Surrendering to God’s will, I discovered a profound  sense of purpose that guided our path, unveiling layers of resilience, faith, and  unexpected blessings. This book is a testament to the strength and resilience  of the human spirit and a tribute to the love and support that can be found in  unexpected places. 

As I embraced my new role as a parent to a child with special needs and a  parent-professional advocate, I discovered an incredible ‘village’ community of  fellow parents—whom I fondly refer to as travelers—educators, clinicians,  healthcare professionals, and prayer supporters. They have become  invaluable pillars of support in my journey, and I am deeply grateful for their  presence. This community, which spans across borders and cultures, is a  testament to the universal challenges and joys of raising a child with  disabilities. These connections and networks served as God’s reinforcement,  empowering me to navigate the complexities of raising a child with disabilities 

across two vastly different worlds: Jamaica, where resources are scarce, and  the United States, with its intricate support systems. These worlds have  actively demonstrated that it requires faith, patience, grit, know-how, and  determination to support a loved one with disabilities in any country  responsively. I am forever indebted to this community for their unwavering  support and love. 

Through these experiences, I understood the transformative power of our  voices when we share our stories. One such story in the book is when, for the  first time, I became aware of the tremendous impact Nathan’s disability had  on his siblings. Until then, I had never encountered a book or article that  presented that perspective. This taught me an important lesson: our  perspectives possess a uniquely remarkable ability to inform, connect, inspire,  and ignite change. They serve as beacons of hope for fellow travelers on  similar journeys, reminding them that they are not alone. By authentically  sharing our vulnerabilities, triumphs, and lessons learned, we weave a  tapestry of empathy and understanding that strengthens our communities and  fosters inclusivity for our loved ones and the wider community. I hope that by  sharing my story, I can inspire others to find strength and resilience in their  own journeys. 

Writing ‘Raising Nathan Against All Odds’ became a deeply healing journey.  Through introspection, I traced the hand of God intricately woven into every  chapter of our lives. Dr. Anandita Oberoi, Adjunct Professor of Human  Services and Editor of Human Services Today Magazine, aptly describes the  book as “a must-read for anyone with or supporting a child or individuals with  a disability.” 

Through a blend of personal experience and rigorous research, I explore the  often-unspoken emotional struggles that accompany disabilities. Within the  pages of this book, readers will find candid insights into the challenges my  family has encountered, along with practical advice on how we’ve navigated  them. Furthermore, I aimed to tell our stories through the lens of learning to  help readers see tough times as opportunities for growth. It traces how we can  find the silver lining and make the most out of difficult situations. 

The book also shares essential insights that are instrumental for growth  throughout the process—information I yearned for and needed in the early 

days to understand and process my experiences. This includes the type of  open, honest, intimate conversations with God that led to reshaping my  perception of Him as my heavenly father and learning to lean into Him more.  Another distinctive feature of the book is its inclusion of voices from the entire  family. Readers have expressed appreciation for hearing perspectives beyond  just the mother’s, including those of the father, siblings, and Nathan himself as  an individual with disabilities. These voices offer insights often overlooked in  disability discourse. 

Winning the March 2024 International Impact Book Award in the category of  Biography, Caregiving, Parenting: Caring for Individuals with Disabilities is  profoundly honoring. I see this win as a triumph for the disability community,  amplifying the voices of individuals with disabilities and their families and  affirming the importance of our collective impact through our words. 

I am immensely grateful for the partnership with the TBN/Trilogy Publishing  team, whose support and expertise brought our stories to life. Their  collaboration enriched the publishing process and experience and played a  pivotal role in amplifying the voices of our family and our message.  Additionally, our collaboration with them has emphasized the importance of  aligning with a publishing team divinely guided by God, whose influence has  been indispensable in shaping the book’s resonance and impact. 

Whether you are just beginning your special needs journey or have been on it  for years, whether you are an educator, clinician, medical professional, or  church community, “Raising Nathan Against All Odds: Discovering the  Blessings, Joy, and Purpose in Raising a Child with Disabilities” offers  valuable wisdom and support to help you navigate the challenges, celebrate  the joys along the way and improve your programs and supports for  individuals with disabilities. 

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Thank you for your support. Please feel free to share this announcement with  anyone who may benefit from the insights in this book, “Raising Nathan  Against All Odds: Discovering the Blessings, Joy, and Purpose in Raising a  Child with Disabilities.”

Get your copy today!  

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About the Award 

International Impact Book Award 

The International Impact Book Awards is a prestigious platform that  acknowledges books for their global impact or influence. The awards panels meticulously evaluate thousands of books across various categories and  honor those that make significant contributions to literature, culture, or cross cultural understanding. They celebrate impactful stories that exemplify  excellence. Submissions are considered from self-published authors,  traditional publishing houses, and innovative publishers. 

Winning an International Impact Book Award holds profound significance for  an author—it’s not just an accolade but a testament to the quality and  significance of their work. Moreover, it signals readers and media  professionals that the author’s book shines brightly amid the crowded literary  landscape. There is an award event that puts the winning authors before  media, such as Forbes, ABC, CBS15 and NBC.

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